In June 2015, the doors to Border Chiropractic were open to the public for the first time at 424 Swift St. Due to patient demand and the death of Brady, Brian then expanded to a new location at 641 Olive St in picturesque central Albury and has since become the hub for this busy practice for over 25 years. The founders of the practice are Brian & Terri Fraser, both born and bred in the border north east region.

Brian Fraser has been studying, practicing and teaching chiropractic for 27 years after he graduated the 5 year chiropractic degree from RMIT University in 1992.

Brian was very fortunate to learn the Thompson Chiropractic technique whilst observing and working with instrumental chiropractor Alan Brady as an associate on and off for 9 years. Dr Brady was one of the first Chiropractors to bring the Thompson technique to Australia from America after developing the method with the founder of the technique Clay Thompson, Brady ran arguably one of the busiest Chiropractic clinics in Australia from Wodonga.

From here the knowledge that Brian acquired with Brady sent him to Naracoorte SA where he ran 3 extremely busy practices and was amazed at the positive response of patients when the Thompson technique was applied correctly. After 8 years it was time to come back home to the border region where he helped Alan before he passed away in May 2005.

Brian also owned and operated a busy practice in the heart Corowa (River St) for 8 years where he successfully serviced many clients and families until he was forced to close its doors due to lack of practitioners and sheer work load involved with running the Albury practice full time. Recently with the added support from new associate Fraser they have decided to reignite the Corowa practice when doors re-opened in March 2018.

Together Brian & Fraser are super excited about the expansion of Border Chiropractic and trying to provide the best possible treatment to as many past, present and future patients as possible as well as educating future chiropractors in what they believe is the most effective line of treatment for patients.