Clarence Gonstead was the founding father for one of the 4 main chiropractic techniques. His philosophy of chiropractic treatment was the basic premise of find it, fix it and leave It alone. We understand that the body has an innate intelligence within it that allows it to heal, the medical fraternity describe this balance as homeostasis. We at border chiropractic use a combination of Gonstead X-ray analysis and Thompson leg length checks to perform a detailed structural assessment to FIND THE PROBLEM, once identified the use of the Thompson chiropractic table and technique will be performed in order to FIX THE PROBLEM.

We believe the combination of these two original techniques gives the most effective LONG-TERM relief with the least amount of discomfort for the patient in the shortest possible time. Most importantly once we have resolved the patients’ chief complaint we encourage that the body be LEFT ALONE to encourage spinal balance and homeostasis rather than over-scheduling and adjusting when not required.

All this being said we encourage patients from all age demographics with spinal and extremity conditions (acute or chronic) to try this technique to see if it has a positive outcome for you.